Yoram Hacohen

Israel Internet Association

Yoram Hacohen is the CEO of the Israeli Internet Association (ISCO-IL) since 2015. Prior to his term at ISOC-IL, Yoram was a senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) where he researched  national security aspects of Cyber, Big Data, Technology and Law.

In 2006 attorney Hacohen was appointed by the Israeli government to establish and lead the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority (ILITA) – Israel’s data protection authority (today the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority). As head of ILITA, Mr. Hacohen served as the national regulator for data protection and e-privacy, for credit information bureaus, and for certification authorities for electronic signatures.

Under his leadership, the ILITA became a modern technology-focused data protection authority, and the law & technology knowledge center for the Israeli public administration. During his term as head of ILITA Hacohen led various technological cyber privacy enforcement actions, and participated in the process of establishing Israel’s cyber security framework. His term as head of ILITA ended in April 2013.

As Head of ILITA Yoram represented Israel at various international fora as head of the Israeli delegation to ICCP and WPISP committees of the OECD and lead of the process vis-à-vis the European Commission in which Israel was declared as having an adequate data protection regime according to Directive 95/46/EC requirements.

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