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From Local to Global: Technology, Privacy, and Policy for the Digital Economy

18/06/2018 08:30 — 16:30

Long known as a “Start Up Nation,” Israel is now set to mature into a “Policy Start Up Nation.” By adopting policies fit for the digital age, Israel will accelerate the export of local technologies and integration of Israeli businesses in global markets and at the same time facilitate domestic deployment of new platforms, technologies and business models. In this workshop, policymakers, academics and industry leaders discuss how Israel can best draw on the strength of its robust centers of excellence in cybersecurity, mobility, medical devices, and more to cement international relationships with global multinationals and government actors and to ensure that businesses operating in and out of Israel and continue to thrive as they grow.

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Gathering and Registration

Welcome and Introduction

Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene, Israel Tech Policy Institute

Alon Bachar, Head of Privacy Protection Authority (IL)

Keynote 1: The Future of Media in a Digital Economy

Jeff Jarvis, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism (US)

Keynote 2: GDPR and AI: Lessons From Paris and Brussels

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President, CNIL (FR) in conversation with Jules Polonetsky, Israel Tech Policy Institute

Keynote 3: Beyond GDPR: Data Ethics, AI and Algorithmic Decision Making

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor (EU)

Taming the Golem: AI and Platform Governance

With the battle over public opinion shifting from broadcast channels to social media outlets, online platforms have faced a fierce backlash against policies surrounding user generated content, including hate speech, incitement for violence, cyberbullying and revenge porn, and the recent public uproar about “fake news.” In this session, the speakers address the policy challenges of platforms and intermediaries, including issues such as intermediary liability for offensive speech; the role of thoughtful policy development for new media platforms and social networks; and protection of children and teens online.


Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum


Adam Conner, Harvard Institute of Politics (US)

Jordana Cutler, Facebook (IL)

Paul Nemitz, European Commission (EU)

Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, The Israel Democracy Institute (IL)


Europe’s far reaching privacy reform, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), has just come into force. What will the impacts be for multinationals and SMEs outside of Europe, including the U.S. and Israel? How will local privacy and cybersecurity regulation be affected? Will GDPR become a de facto global standard or another feature of a heavily regulated economy? In this session, leading experts from the EU, U.S. and Israel debate the policy and practice of privacy post-GDPR.


Michael Birnhack, Tel Aviv University (IL)


Jocelyn Aqua, PwC (US)

Kabir Barday, OneTrust (US)

Cameron Kerry, Sidley Austin (US)

Karolina Mojzesowicz, European Commission (EU)


Privacy Tech
Session organized by The Privacy Protection Authority

Instead of regulating to throttle new data uses and innovation, policymakers are pursuing new ways to enable valuable data uses while maintaining important values such as privacy, fairness and equality. Israeli computer scientists have developed models and tools to protect privacy while maximizing the utility of big data. In addition, a cluster of Israeli companies has introduced new ways to responsibly manage data in organizations while also complying with regulatory regimes such as the GDPR. In this session, organized by the  Privacy Protection Authority, leading computer scientists and engineers discuss the prospects for privacy enhancing technologies and models being used to counter the risks of data intensive government and business activities.


Gili Basman Reingold, Privacy Protection Authority (IL)


Audrey Plonk, Intel (US)

Yossi Koren, Privacy Rating (IL)

Gil Perry, D-ID (IL)

Orly Friedman Marton, Microsoft

Nimrod Vax, BigID (IL)

Tech Policy Start Up Nation

How can Israel’s prowess in tech and entrepreneurship be harnessed to drive policies that advance responsible innovation and data use? What does tech regulation and policymaking look like in other parts of the world? How will Israel continue to attract research and development by multinationals while fostering domestic upstarts that are ready to scale into global markets?


Amit Ashkenazi, National Cyber Directorate (IL)


Bruno Gencarelli, European Commission (EU)

Avi Licht, Deputy Attorney General (IL)

Terrell McSweeny, former FTC Commissioner (2014-18) (US)

Jonathan Mayer, Princeton (US)

The Future of Mobility

Over the past few years, Israel has emerged as a global hub for a burgeoning industry of connected cars and mobility technologies. Industry reports estimate more than 500 startups operate in this field in Israel. This session will explore paths to shaping a regulatory environment that allows quick roll out of smart communities, including rules and policies to facilitate real life deployment of autonomous vehicles. It will explore opportunities to foster an environment for regulatory innovation in Israel in lockstep with the country’s entrepreneurial energy in the technology and business of smart cars and mobility.


Lauren Smith, Future of Privacy Forum (US)


Amir Freund, Otonomo (IL)

Limor Shmerling Magazanik, Privacy Protection Authority (IL)

David Hoffman, Intel (US)

Henri Kujala, HERE (FI)

Closing Remarks

Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene, Israel Tech Policy Institute


Jules Polonetsky
Co-Founder, Israel Tech Policy Institute

Omer Tene
Co-Founder, Israel Tech Policy Institute

Alon Bachar
Head of Privacy Protection Authority

Jeff Jarvis
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin
President, CNIL

Giovanni Buttarelli
European Data Protection Supervisor

Jordana Cutler

Paul Nemitz
European Commission

Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler
The Israel Democracy Institute

Karolina Mojzesowicz
European Commission

Terrell McSweeny
Former FTC Commissioner

Rick Eccheveria

Lauren Smith
Future of Privacy Forum

Limor Shmerling Magazanik
Privacy Protection Authority

Adam Conner
Harvard Institute of Politics

Michael Birnhack
Tel Aviv University

Jocelyn Aqua

Kabir Barday

Amit Ashkenazi
National Cyber Directorate

Avi Licht
Deputy Attorney General

Jonathan Mayer

Gili Basman Reingold
Privacy Protection Authority

Yossi Koren
Privacy Rating

Gil Perry

Orly Friedman Marton

Nimrod Vax

Amir Freund


08:30 - 16:30


Mexico Building (Fastlicht Auditorium), Tel Aviv University
Mexico Building (Fastlicht Auditorium), Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, 6997801 Israel
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