1. Limor Shmerling Magazanik

    Privacy Protection for Smart Mobility Organizations in the Digital Age

    On September 16, 2020 the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority (IPPA) published a new Guide -“Privacy Protection for Smart Mobility Organizations in the Digital Age” https://www.gov.il/he/departments/news/guide-transportation-privacy
    Herein is a summary of the guide’s content.

  2. Limor Shmerling Magazanik

    Accelerating Digital Transformation: What are the Required Building Blocks?


  3. Noam Rosen, Adv. and Policy Counsel at the Israel Tech Policy Institute

    Israel National Repository for Covid-19 Research

  4. Limor Shmerling-Magazanik

    Israeli Supreme Court rules using surveillance for fighting a pandemic requires primary legislation

    Israeli Supreme Court has ruled on April 26 that as of April 30 if the government seeks to continue using technology of the Security Agency for combating the spread of the Corona virus, it must open work on a primary legislation process. If done so, the use may be continued for a few more weeks. A special arrangement was also set for the protection of the Freedom of the Press and the protection of journalistic sources.

  5. Limor Shmerling-Magazanik

    Brief on digital means employed by the Government of Israel re: Covid-19

    Based on the government’s submission in the petitions to the Supreme Court filed on April 12th

  6. Limor Shmerling-Magazanik, Noam Rosen

    ITPI Brief- Israel Health Data Research Regulations

  7. Limor Shmerling Magazanik

    Patient Rights Regulations Memorandum

  8. Limor Shmerling-Magazanik

    Nudge Theory Methodology for Internet Smart Regulation

    ITPI joined with Google and the Milken Innovation Center in Jerusalem to host a roundtable on smart regulation.

  9. Haifa Security and Privacy Research Seminar

    ITPI Managing Director LimorShmerling will be the keynote speaker at the fifth Haifa IBM Research Seminar on "Security and Privacy Research". December 2, 2019

  10. Noam Rosen

    באירופה נקבע כי הסכמה לאיסוף מידע ממכשירים, בעזרת עוגיות, מחייבת הסכמה אקטיבית וברורה

    באירופה נקבע כי הסכמה לאיסוף מידע ממכשירים של אנשים, גם אישי וגם טכני, בעזרת Cookie, מחייבת הסכמה אקטיבית וברורה שלהם

  11. מדיניות המפלגות בנושאים דיגיטליים

    בסביבה של התפתחות טכנולוגית מואצת חשוב לאמץ מדיניות פעולה שתתאים לסביבה דיגיטלית של המאה ה-21. על המפלגות בישראל להציג את עמדותיהן בנושאים דיגיטליים בפני הציבור

  12. תעמולת בחירות ברשת: מניפולציה, דיסאינפורמציה וסכנות לדמוקרטיה

    תעמולת בחירות ברשת הינו מסמך אקדמאי המשלב חקר מתחומי המשפט, החברה והתקשורת.

    המסר שמעביר הספר הוא שלפי מחקרו של פרופ׳ בנקלר שני הצדדים של המפה הפוליטית אינם שווי ערך בכל הנוגע להערכת אמינות "סיפורים חדשותיים".

  13. Limor Shmerling Magazanik Joins Israel Tech Policy Institute as Managing Director and Future of Privacy Forum as Senior Fellow

    Washington, DC – November 20, 2018 – The Israel Tech Policy Institute and Future of Privacy Forum today announced Limor Shmerling Magazanik as ITPI Managing Director and FPF Senior Fellow. In this role, Magazanik will provide leadership on day-to-day operational matters of ITPI, including directing ITPI’s policy agenda; engaging policymakers, regulators, academics, and business leaders; convening multi stakeholder groups for discussion; and overseeing communications with the public and the advisory board.

  14. Liron Tzur Neumann

    “Legislating Online” Conference - The Knesset, Israel Parliament

    This event, organised by the parliament’s research center, raised prominent questions about the role of legislatures and regulators, in governing the internet activity of tech giants, for the protection of people’s rights.

  15. Liron Tzur

    What privacy law does Israel need?

    In an age when personal information has become the most important raw material for creating economic value, legislation on the protection of privacy plays a central role in balancing important human rights with competing values such as national security, economic efficiency and scientific research.
    Where is Israel located in relation to the countries of the world?

  16. Liron Tzur Neumann

    The New Israeli Privacy Protection (Data Security) Regulations

    One of the most major developments in data protection in Israel in the past year has been the publication of the Privacy Protection (Data Security) Regulations, in May 2017, which came into effect in May 2018.
    What's next?

  17. Liron Tzur Neumann

    ITPI meets Commercial Officer to Israel at US Department of Commerce

    ITPI co-chairman Jules Polonetsky had the opportunity to meet with Ireas Cook, the new Senior Commercial Officer to Israel for the US Department of Commerce.

    Cook was a guest at the The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Israel Business Initiative, meeting with experts before leaving for her posting to the US Embassy in Israel.

    Polonetsky gave Ms Cook an over view of the key tech policy issues of interest to the US-Israel relationship, including data protection, intermediary liability and mobility/connected car policy issues.

    Cook has extensive experience representing the US Department of Commerce around the globe, but this will be her first posting to Israel.

    We look forward to working with her.

  18. Jules Polonetsky

    Nexar Releases Important Mobility Data Set for Researchers

    Training data sets are essential for the future of mobility research and the future safety of transportation.

  19. Jules Polonetsky

    GDPR Presentations, Cyber Week Follow Up

    GDPR Presentation and Legitimate Interest report to be sent to Israel Tech Policy Institute subscribers, Cyber Week follow up!

  20. Jules Polonetsky

    Twitter Accounts for Terrorists?

    Facebook, Google ban Hamas accounts, Twitter needs to take action as well.

  21. Jules Polonetsky

    EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality 2017 Keynote

    Above, Commissioner Jerouva with Tech Policy Institute Co-chairman Omer Tene and the EU Ambassador to Israel

    Last year, Commissioner Jourova joined the Tech Policy Institute in Tel Aviv to discuss the European view on privacy law and on self regulation for content removal.

  22. Liron Tzur Neumann

    The Entry Into Force of GDPR

    ITPI hosts leading experts on privacy and data protection from USA and Israel to discuss the new European General Data Protection Regulation, privacy and security law in Israel and the prospects of legislation in the U.S.

  23. Liron Tzur

    ITPI Announces Advisory Board Members

    ITPI is honored to welcome its founding Advisory Board and looks forward to the advice and guidance of these leaders from academia, industry and civil society.

  24. Omer Tene

    Smart Cities: Privacy, Transparency, and Community

    Today’s cities are pervaded by growing networks of connected technologies to generate actionable, often real-time data about themselves and their citizens. Relying on ubiquitous telecommunications technologies to provide connectivity to sensor networks and set actuation devices into operation, smart cities routinely collect information on cities’ air quality, temperature, noise, street and pedestrian traffic, parking capacity, distribution of government services, emergency situations, and crowd sentiments, among other data points.

  25. Jules Polonetsky, Omer Tene

    Welcome to the Israel Tech Policy Institute's new Web site and our new name.

    We began operations in June 2017 as the US-Israel Tech Policy Institute and soon discovered that our activities were drawing significant interest from European leaders and beyond. Keynotes at our inaugural event held together with 2017 Tel Aviv University CyberWeek included top officials from the European Union such as Vera Jerouva, European Union Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality and other top European Commission leaders who were eager to stay involved with the organization. So to better reflect the global agenda of the Institute, we have re-launched as the Israel Tech Policy Institute.

  26. Lauren Smith

    Data and the Connected Car – Version 1.0

    Lauren Smith, Policy Counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum, is working with ITPI on plans to help Israeli companies working on the next generation of automotive technologies manage the global policy issues facing these companies. In “Data and the Connected Car – Version 1.0,” Lauren describes the basic data-generating devices and flows in today’s connected vehicles. The infographic will help consumers and businesses alike understand the emerging data ecosystems that power incredible new features—features that can warn drivers of an accident before they see it, or jolt them awake if they fall asleep at the wheel. On June 19, Lauren, along with a number of mobility leaders will meet for an invite only round table discussion at Tel Aviv University's CyberWeek. Contact [email protected] to request an invitation.

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