Tali Guy

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Tali is the Vice President Global Compliance & Ethics at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries; an experienced legal counsel and a compliance professional in the pharmaceutical industry. Tali joined Teva in 2007 and she is Teva’s Global Data Privacy Officer and also the Head of Teva’s Third Party Due Diligence Program. Prior to that, Tali served more than 10 years in her role as Teva’s Global R&D legal counsel and Compliance officer. Tali led the development of Teva’s Code of Conduct and the development of an innovative due diligence solution. She brings significant, diverse, innovative and global perspective to Teva’s strategic programs. Prior to joining Teva, Tali worked in top leading Israeli law firms. Tali is the head of the ACC ISRAEL Compliance Forum. She established the forum with the goal to lead and develop the Israeli Compliance community, enhancing compliance skills and programs, supporting both local Israeli companies as well as multinational and global companies., Tali holds a Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Tel Aviv university in Israel.