What privacy law does Israel need?

Omer Tene and Jules Polonetsky have published an op-ed in a major economic newspaper in Israel, calling for the updating of the Israeli Privacy Protection law, last updated in the 90’s, which has not been adapted to the technological reality of the 21st century.

The article discusses current data protection themes in Europe and the United States, and suggests Israel may offer a combined model, an innovative way for a legislation model that supports a digital economy while preserving people’s privacy.

As a leader of innovative technologies Israel may lead technologies to protect citizens’ privacy so that organizations can maximize the benefits of personal information without revealing the data subject’s identities in the database.

These solutions include differential privacy, homo morphic encryption and cyber security, solutions developed by a number of Israeli companies.

For the full article (in hebrew): https://www.themarker.com/opinion/.premium-1.6563050