“Legislating Online” Conference – The Knesset, Israel Parliament

The Israel Tech Policy Institute was represented in this event by Ms. Kelsey Finch, Policy counsel at the Future of Privacy Forum and Senior Fellow at the Institute.

Alongside were speakers from government, including the head of the Antitrust  Authority and a senior council from the Privacy Protection Authority, parliament members, prominent academics and industry representatives.

Ms. Finch presented current data regulation trends, privacy technology trends and evolving ethics in technology. She suggested that as Israel shapes its path forward on privacy, there is much to learn from GDPR – both its successes but also its challenges. Similarly it will be useful to follow the US developments on privacy law, as a major effort has launched to develop legislation. One of the paths Israel can take to ensuring a robust digital economy while protecting privacy is by incentivizing privacy enhancing technologies and research; focusing on ethics; and approaching data policy and regulation holistically, so that individuals are both protected from harm and companies and researchers are able to innovate with data and technology.

A video of the session is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg_jSJjmWbM&feature=youtu.be