UN WSIS 2019 Geneva

Why are most high-tech industry positions  held by men whereas only fewer women  holding parallel positions? the panel members in the session are discussing  the solution for this situation

The Event

Event 1: High-Level Policy Session Gender Mainstreaming

April 10, 2019

You are invited to watch the session’s video recording here:

HL Policy Session Gender Mainstreaming

Event 2: Gender Mainstreaming – WSIS 50/50 challenge

April 11, 2019

A Thematic Workshop on the format of a diverse panel discussion revolving around action and best practice exchanges on gender parity and inclusiveness in the world of ICTs.

You are welcome to watch the session’s video recording here:

Gender Mainstreaming – WSIS 50/50 challenge

Event 3: Cybersecurity and AI: how to allocate liability between stakeholders

Apr 8, 2019


Event Details

CICG Room 2 Level 0
Genava, Switzerland

Full Agenda

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