1. Jules Polonetsky

    Twitter Accounts for Terrorists?

    Facebook, Google ban Hamas accounts, Twitter needs to take action as well.

  2. Jules Polonetsky

    EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality 2017 Keynote

    Above, Commissioner Jerouva with Tech Policy Institute Co-chairman Omer Tene and the EU Ambassador to Israel

    Last year, Commissioner Jourova joined the Tech Policy Institute in Tel Aviv to discuss the European view on privacy law and on self regulation for content removal.

  3. Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene

    Taming The Golem: Challenges of Ethical Algorithmic Decision-Making

    The prospect of digital manipulation on major online platforms reached fever pitch in the last election cycle in the United States. Jonathan Zittrain’s concern about “digital gerrymandering” found resonance in reports, which were resoundingly denied by Facebook, of the company’s alleged editing of content to tone down conservative voices.

  4. Lauren Smith

    Unfairness By Algorithm: Distilling the Harms of Automated Decision-Making

    Analysis of personal data can be used to improve services, advance research, and combat discrimination. However, such analysis can also create valid concerns about differential treatment of individuals or harmful impacts on vulnerable communities. These concerns can be amplified when automated decision-making uses sensitive data (such as race, gender, or familial status), impacts protected classes, or affects individuals’ eligibility for housing, employment, or other core services.

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