1. Kelsey Finch

    Model Open Data Benefit-Risk Analysis

    How can cities provide both open data and privacy? FPF's City of Seattle Open Data Risk Assessment report is an interesting way to assess the balance. The Report provides tools and guidance to the City of Seattle and other municipalities navigating the complex policy, operational, technical, organizational, and ethical standards that support privacy-protective open data programs.

  2. Kelsey Finch

    A Visual Guide to Practical Data De-Identification

    For more than a decade, scholars and policymakers have debated the central notion of identifiability in privacy law. De-identification, the process of removing personally identifiable information from data collected, stored and used by organizations, was once viewed as a silver bullet allowing organizations to reap data benefits while at the same time avoiding risks and legal requirements.

  3. Joseph Jerome

    Big Data: A Benefit and Risk Analysis

    On September 11, 2014, FPF released a whitepaper we hope will help to frame the big data conversation moving forward and promote better understanding of how big data can shape our lives. Big Data: A Benefit and Risk Analysis provides a practical guide for how benefits can be assessed in the future, but they also show how data is already is being used in the present.

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